Your Bathtub – A Santuary for the Heart

Since the dawn of time we humans have sought quiet time alone to slow down and connect with the deepest parts of ourselves and to commune with and listen to the divine as one knows it. Indeed, there is a Still Quiet place inside each one of us that is available as a sanctuary . Creating such a space in your physical world will enhance and compliment this internal place of peace. Many spiritual traditions suggest creating an altar in your home where you can go for prayer, remembrance and re-connection.

This a great idea!

We here at Itzel’s Hemp recommend creating a symbolic space in your own bathtub where you can breathe, relax and remember what is true for you in the depths of your heart. Instead of spending more time on an electronic device to unwind, your bath-time can become a temple for your heart and soul and the perfect place to simply be. Doing so bridges the gap between the external and the internal and facilitates a connection with your inner self that allows you to soften and re-align with your deepest values and intentions.

Imagine slipping into your tub; it’s the perfect temperature; you can still hear the delicate fizzy bubbles of your delightfully aromatic lavender Itzel Bath Balm.
You breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing your bath is filled with the highest quality, hemp oil infused, “100% hand-made in America” bath bomb that is non-toxic and won’t stain or leave any nasty debris in your tub.

Each breath takes you deeper and deeper into relaxation and eases you into a heartfelt moment of gratitude as you smile at how today you are able to honor your intention of spending quality time with yourself and soften within the womb of your bath tub sanctuary.